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Local Government Redistricting Services

The Constitution requires that the population of the United States is counted every 10 years; the 2020 Census was the 24th time that has occurred. The census provides important data and information that is used by lawmakers, businesses, hospitals, public safety providers, universities and many others to provide services, products, and support for citizens and our communities.  

Among other things, Congress uses the census to reapportion the number of congressional seats allocated to each state, and State Legislatures use the information to realign state and congressional district boundaries in furtherance of the principal of “one person, one vote” and the provisions pf the Voting Rights Act.

At the local level, the new census data is used to realign the district boundaries used to elect the members of the governing bodies of cities, counties, school districts and other special districts. 


Kurt Spitzer and Associates is highly experienced in assisting local governments in the redistricting process.  For more information, view presentations to the Florida Association of Counties and Florida League of Cities on redistricting, or contact us at or (850) 228-6212.

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