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Redistricting Services from KSA


Incorporated in 1989, Kurt Spitzer and Associates (KSA) is an established consulting firm specializing in services for local governments.

KSA has served as the lead consultant and facilitated redistricting projects for more than 35 local governments over the past 22+ years, including those requiring relatively minor adjustments to district boundaries, to major efforts necessitated by charter amendments changing the districting system and/or the number of districts.  The jurisdictions served range in size from just over 7,200 to upwards of 1 million people and include “pre-clearance” jurisdictions under the Voting Rights Act.

KSA can customize redistricting services for your jurisdiction to save time and money. 

Basic Services – Do You Need to Redistrict?
While your county or city may be obligated to consider the need to realign the district boundaries of your governing body, there may not be a need to actually change the boundaries unless there is a significant discrepancy between the population of the largest and smallest districts. Such discrepancies are determined by examining districts' deviation from the mean of the average ("ideal") district population and then comparing that of the largest versus the smallest districts.  Generally, district boundaries need to be redrawn if there is a difference of more than 10 percentage points.  For example, if one district is 5% over the average district population and another district is 6% under, the resulting discrepancy or spread is 11 percentage points and the jurisdiction will need to realign district boundaries.  

If You Need to Redistrict 
If there is a need to equalize the populations your jurisdiction’s districts by realigning their district boundaries, new technology and software allows many redistricting services to be provided online. 

Alternatively, in-person meetings with members of the governing body and community leaders can be included in the process, depending upon the preference of the client.

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