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Suwannee County was ordered to implement a single-member districting system in 1985.  At that time, one of the new districts was a minority-majority district.  The County had not redistricted since 1992, resulting in a "spread" between the largest and smallest district deviations from the ideal size of almost 70 percentage points - well beyond the generally accepted threshold of 10 points.  Using 2020 census data, the minority-majority district actually had an African American population of 36% but was underpopulated by 3,000 people.  Bringing its population closer to the 2020 ideal or average size made it impossible to maintain the current percentage of African Americans in the district.  To address this issue to the extent possible, the plan adopted by the County exceeded the typical threshold of 10 points (10.27 points) but was done to further the rational public policy of maintaining the African American population of the district as high as possible which (in this case) was 33.4%.  

Suwannee County - Existing Plan

Suwannee County - Adopted Plan

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